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I’ve been cooking for a crowd since I was fourteen or so, over half of my life. I cook because it’s nostalgic and meditative, but also because it’s hard, mostly because cooking inevitably starts with the question: wtf should I cook?

Please, let me help

Whether you’re cooking for yourself, for two, for a family, or for 20 of your closest friends, I got you. No time to prep? Guest who’s vegan? Cooking for your in-laws? Picky eater (no judgement!)? Don’t want to be in the kitchen while everyone else is having fun? I mean it. I got you.

Every Saturday, I send a tried-and-true recipe for an extremely specific scenario that I think you should try. I also share musings about my kind of weird life living in a house I’ve renovated (twice) in East Nashville, TN, raising chickens, gardening (at least trying to), and generally trying to maintain a social life, my relationship with Mr. Faith, my day job as a growth marketing leader.

C’mon, give it a try.

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Recipes for people who frequently wonder wtf they should cook (and other questions).


I cook a whole lot and write about the stuff that works.